24/7 Customer Service Email support@petacco.com
24/7 Customer Service Email support@petacco.com

About Us


Founded on our love for animals, Petacco was created to provide pet owners with high quality, trustworthy products for all of your animal friends’ needs. Created by a small team of pet owners itself, Petacco’s foundation is one of passion and excitement for the world of caring for your pets.

Our aim is to ensure every dog and cat in the world is cared for affordably but not compromising on quality. Pets are not just for Christmas after all. We’ve curated a collection of the best products available for you as a pet owner that your furry friends will love and enjoy.

Our customer support team is always on hand for any questions you may have about our products as we pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction.

With our commitment to you and your love for your pet, Petacco is the go-to pet store for a vast variety of products and needs.

Your pet: our priority.